NM 031 Lord of the Rings Sting Red Elven LOTR Swords Plaque LOTR Movie Steel

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    • 22" Overall Length
    • Stainless Steel Blade
    • Engraved with Elven Runes
    • Red Wood Handle with Silver Leaf Patterns
    • Metal Guard and Pommel
    • Comes with Display Plaque

     These unlicensed long daggers look similar to the Sting Sword as seen in Peter Jackson’s screenplay adaptations. The stainless steel blades have pale-gold tinted scrollwork emblazoned upon both sides of the blade. The grip is surmounted by brass guard and pommel plates. The wooden grip has been stained red or black and has gold-painted scrollwork. Comes with a wooden display plaque.

    Not Licensed product, reproduction Sting Sword